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The Three Golden Hairs of the Devil's Beard, Part 2
red and gold
 photo devil014posttag_zpsb3c08b6e.jpg

Continuing my adaptation of my favorite Grimm's fairy tale.

 photo devil015post_zps5436d445.jpg

 photo devil016post_zps9bc0ff05.jpg

 photo devil017post_zps9a080838.jpg

 photo devil018post_zpsa2f58252.jpg

 photo devil019post_zps72d9f024.jpg

 photo devil020post_zps2bfae9fb.jpg

 photo devil021post_zpsd157bf09.jpg

 photo devil022post_zps5491ecda.jpg

 photo devil023post_zpsfa8a62ce.jpg

 photo devil024copy_zps45e4c438.jpg

 photo devil025post_zps3f141a7f.jpg

 photo devil026post_zps2246e91a.jpg

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Your work is always so detailed and beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!

It's good to see a post from you again, too -- hope everything is going well with school and all!

Thank you :) Yes, everything is going well in school- I'm just so, so busy! I am very much behind on making a post like 'all the stuff I've been doing'- drawing, teaching, bookmaking. It's been good :)

Another cliff-hanger!

Always a cliff hanger :)

I love the story and your artwork. Thank you for the link to the second part. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Thank you :) I'll post more pages here when I have a big batch. If you want to read the pages faster though I post them one or two at a time both on tumblr and on deviantart-


This is such a great story! If you don't hurry up and finish it I'm going to have to find the original version to carry me through. The suspense is terrible! (But the art is a gem.:)

Thank you very much! I'll try to update again soon... I'll admit I've slowed down on this as the semester has gotten more intense. But I just did a double page spread this morning I am really happy with :)

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