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The Three Golden Hairs of the Devil's Beard
red and gold
 photo bookpost_zps9f346799.jpg

My darling sister gave me a little handmade book for Christmas. I decided to use it for a project I’ve been thinking about for a long time: drawing one page a day of my favorite Grimm’s fairy tale “The Three Golden Hairs of the Devil’s Beard”. This is a fairly long story, and so far I’ve been getting about two or three sentences on a page. This could take me a while, but I’m not in a rush. I have already missed a few days, but I’m trying not to worry myself over that- just move on, keep the story moving tomorrow. I did 26 pages of the story in January and I plan to post them (probably in batches) as I go along.

Scans of the first 14 double spreads under the cut!

 photo devil001posttag_zpsdaefec96.jpg

 photo devil002posttag_zps87349705.jpg

 photo devil003posttag_zps75a17ecb.jpg

 photo devil004posttag_zps0b36d042.jpg

 photo devil005posttag_zpseb0606c0.jpg

 photo devil006posttag_zps2d4a9ce3.jpg

 photo devil007posttag_zps91e4b7bb.jpg

 photo devil008posttag_zps8d3f73a7.jpg

 photo devil009posttag_zps8e7d13c7.jpg

 photo devil010posttag_zps55e29ca3.jpg

 photo devil011posttag_zps96dd76e5.jpg

 photo devil012posttag_zps43579472.jpg

 photo devil013posttag_zps997600b3.jpg

 photo devil014posttag_zpsb3c08b6e.jpg

I'm also posting these to my deviantart and my tumblr. Hope you enjoy them :)

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