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Celtic Alphabets
red and gold
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Working on a handout to copy for my students in an upcoming calligraphy/bookbinding class! This is possibly my favorite subject: insular manuscript lettering. I got hired recently to teach this class one afternoon a week for 9 weeks to a mixed batch of 6th-8th graders at a local waldorf-methods charter school. Full handout below the cut.

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The first class I did with them was two small bookbinding projects, an origami star book and a lotus book. The second class will involve illustration a quote by JRR Tolkien, using these alphabets. Please, no one point out any spelling errors- I’m sure there are some, as there always are when I hand letter things…

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I'd have given a lot to work on projects like that when I was their age.

Some of them fell right in a loved it. Others... struggled. I think they found this much harder than the last book project. I need to reevaluate my syllabus in light of this...

SO cool, oh my gosh!!

Thank you! One of my favorite subjects :)

How beautiful! We did calligraphy in sixth grade but I never was terribly good at it. If you can teach your students to do this with one day a week, you're a far better teacher than mine.:D

Welll... the students struggled with this, that's for sure. I'm trying to come up with a new strategy to teach it.

Hmm. My teacher's strategy was to pay a lot of attention to her own daughter and her daughter's friends, and publicly ridicule everyone else's sad, uninstructed attempts. Only about 5 out of 30 kids actually learned it, so I wouldn't recommend that.

I don't often have good advice, but I'm a fount of information on what not to do.:)

DEFINITELY not the approach I am taking :)

(also I love your icon)

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