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The Thief's Tale webcomic!
red and gold

The Thief's Tale!

"The Thief's Tale" is a medieval fantasy adventure story. Delia, an enterprising young woman tired of waiting, decides to make her fortune by stealing it! Her target is the Hilltop Monastery, famed for a legendary store of treasure.

This comic is a short story, which will run to only 32 pages. I plan on updating with 2 pages every Wednesday until the story ends (in October). I have about 1/3 of the final art work already done, and I am very excited to finally get to show it to people! You can read the first four pages here:

This all started last spring when I audited a comic creators class at my old university and started writing a short comic. It was only supposed to be 10 pages, but as usual this project got totally out of hand and has turned into me frantically writing and drawing a miniature comic book which I plan on self-publish this fall.

More artwork from the comic under the cut :)




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Beautiful!! You have such great detail in your work, thank you for showing it!

Thanks! I have been dying to post about this for ages, but I wanted to wait until I had got the smackjeeves site together. I'm glad you like it :)

*squee!!* This is so exciting. Love the sketches. Especially love the kitty-cat (Murrt? is exactly right) but that's just me being a crazy cat lady. ;) Can't wait for the story.

WOW! Great work! You're a whiz with the expressive eyebrow. ;)

Thanks for sharing the link. I'll be checking back every Wednesday from now on for the next installment.

Hee hee, thanks! I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds :)

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