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Renaissance Sketchbook
red and gold

A few weeks ago I had my first experience of visiting a Renaissance Fair as part of a historical guild. I had visited various fairs lots of times in the past, but this was my first time going in costume with a group of other people, setting up a camp, and being part of the 'living history' part of the fair. We stayed over for two nights, camping on the fair grounds. It was really really fun. I had taken a sketch book with me, of course, and I made myself a "quill" (a long feather which I cut open at the tip to insert a ballpoint pen nib and ink cartridge). Under the cut are 11 sketches I made during the two days of the fair.












I want to apologize for how scarce I've been from lj of late... I am in the midst of working on a very big project, which I was keeping rather secret until now. I am working on a webcomic :) Its a fantasy adventure story set in the middle ages. I'm hoping to begin posting it in the next week or so, so there will be a big reveal soon!

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These sketches are wonderful! And the fact that you sketch in pen blows my mind. So glad you had fun. :)

Very intrigued by your webcomic project. Fantasy adventure set in the middle ages sounds right up my alley. I'll look forward to the big reveal!

Thank you :) The reason I sketch in ball point, actually, is that with ball point ink its possible to make a very fine, light line when I am first beginning a sketch. Then later on I go in with a heavier line once I'm sure its in the right place. You can see in some of these where I changed my mind, like in the drawing of the seated guitarist. His guitar was originally shorter, and then I made it longer, but the original light lines are there still.

Yes, more on the webcomic to come!

I still think you're amazing to be sketching in pen. ;)

Well, thank you! :D :D :D Like anything, its something you learn through practice.

These are really good, thanks for sharing them. :)

These are marvelous!! Just perfect. They make me feel like I'm back at the faire.

Thank you, I'm glad you like them! Do you go to Ren Fairs often?

My plan is to take this same sketchbook to all of the fairs I go to in the guild and only sketch fair things in it. I want a sketchbook which almost feels like it could have been made in Elizabethan times (if you pretend that ball point pens existed...:P )

I went to my first one in June and have seemingly become obsessed. The whole blast from the past ideal rings absolute truth at faires because everyone is actually in that era, not pretending. I'm not sure if you've ever read R.A. Salvatore's work but he'll be at a faire in my state which adds +1 to their awesome.

So far that's what I'm perceiving so you're attaining your medieval goal (and it's coming out lovely)! Can't wait to see the next set in your series, and I'm a sucker for webcomics.

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Those are some great pictures you got! Really nice post.

I have been visiting fairs since I was a little kid, but had to take a break when I was in college and just way to busy. Its really fun to get back into it now that I've graduated.

Yes, I have read some RA Salvatore- some of the Drizzt series and also his novelizations of the Star Wars movies. He's great. How cool that you get to see him!

I don't have any comics up yet, but here is where I will be posting my web comic:
Its a medieval adventure story and I'll be posting the first 4 pages on Wednesday :)

Life long renaissance! Good to hear it never gets old.

The Drizzt series is wonderful. I haven't read his Star Wars adaptions, are they any good?

Just read your comic, love it! Page 3 is hilariously adorable and I love the style. How long does one page take you to illustrate and come up with dialogue?

Oh, his Star Wars adaptions are great! Really fun reads.

And thank you, I'm glad you like my comic! How long does it take... well, I started writing the script back in February. I spent about a month working on the writing, plot and dialogue. Then I spent another two months working on thumbnails and rough pages. I have been working on the final art work for about a month and a half now, and expect it to take a month and a half more.

Remember though, I don't work 24/7. I have two part time jobs and a life, etc, so I can't be drawing all the time (even though I want to) :).

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